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Today, EDDE jewelry gold shawl collection has many customers in almost all countries around the world, its products are in jewelry stores, corners in luxury chain stores and concept stores.


The high quality of hand-woven jewelry and jewelry creations, reliability and accuracy of service make it possible to establish solid, long-lasting relationships that are consolidated over the years at a deeper level of mutual trust.


Edde Jewelry is an indispensable heritage acquired through more than twenty years of good practices and enriching day by day.

Edde Jewelry tradition that has adapted to modern times and a sign of character that adapts to different tastes and preferences. Our trade offer includes the highest quality jewellery made of all carat gold and silver collections.


The precision of workmanship and original, original design make each design timeless. Open to inspiration, we create jewelery with a form characteristic for edde, thus satisfying the most sophisticated tastes of our customers. Every new pattern starts its life with a design. All ideas are put on paper and analyzed in a large group, and the most promising ones are visualized using three-dimensional programs. At this stage, details are refined, and the unrestricted exchange of ideas between designers and goldsmiths allows art and technology to be combined. Prototypes are made by 3D printers. We are always focus on accuracy and precision


This is a difficult and demanding stage, but it gives a unique effect. The whole is complemented by a polished, mirror-like surface of the jewelry. Only the best pieces are approved by the quality control and can be delivered to the customer.


We feel like continuators of the goldsmith art of the old masters. We enrich tradition with modern technology. We create with passion. We broaden our skills by taking on each new challenge. In order for the finished product to hit the store shelves, it must first go through over 20 stages of production work! The most complicated stages in the production of jewelry include the setting of stones and casting. Their technology is the company's individual know-how. The entire production process of the finished product takes about 2 weeks in total. For us, the most important process in the production of jewelery is to design a new model.


Our products are sent to most countries in the world.

Creaiton of each product start with a design, which is throughtly discussed and analysed.The best ideas are prototyped and printed in 3d printers- in this step we refine the details.


The handmade weaving techniques used by edde are based on our knowledge gained from many years of market experience. And they are all unique products.

Ordering Methods And Rules

                                                     To meet diverse needs of our customers, we provide various ordering forms

1.Personel visit of a sales represantative

We reach retail and wholesale customers with our sales force.our team sales represantatives is avaliable for individual meetings that include presantation of our products.This solution allows you to experience the quality of our profucts and see personally selected products

2. Remote sales
This is an innovative and original form of contact with the edde customers.our virtual consultant is avaliable at any time and any place in the world
You dont have to wait for the arrival of a represantative - meet us at a timee most convenient to you
no previous appoinment required-just contact us one or two days before the meeting

The ability to quickly an conveniently connect fro
m anywhere in the world,

Significant time savings are ensured by shortened ordering process - a pre - order may be created and sent to the customer for verification

The presentation of edde best-sellers and newest products allows customers to buy products that are already known or expand the offer with globally best-selling jewelry

The option of  verfying current weight of the order - live view of the customer's order

3. Customer service

Regardless of the ordering form,we approach each order with due care and professionalism required for the exclusive market of jewelry

Taking care of the highest quality of services, we guarantee full satisfaction throughout the entire ordering process,ensuring the following cooperation options,highly valued by our customers

Individual clear an legible pricing

Convenient delivery time

A wide range of models

Professional service and direct contact with consultant

High quality and precision

Option of selecting plating,precious metal and stones

Advanced technologies for adressing challenges and expactations of our customers

Individual discounting forms

Efficient logistics


We take full responsibilty for the quality of all products. However, in case of any objections to the purchased products,you may contact our dedicated complaints department, which handles all customer issues


We respond to each complaint individually, handling it with the utmost attention an all our products are covered 1 year warranty.

Our presence office in the European Union and United States Of America also ensures fast and efficient completion of the complaint process


Our standard delivery lead time approximately wholesale order 2 weeks, retail order 3 days.For smaller orders, we offer individually agreed delivery times,including faster and more flexible delivery of priority orders.

Our presence in the europe and usa the delivery costs, making even smalll orders profitable the customer.

we deliver our products using professional and trusted courier companies,insuring all shipments

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